Care Management

We're making population health management work. We look at an entire population and design care systems that are specifically targeted at improving the care and health of the individuals involved – particularly those at high-risk and who have chronic disease.

Mount Carmel Health Partners has developed a number of programs and services for our population health program as well to better connect patients to the care they need, including:

  • Social Workers
  • Care Managers
  • Community-Based Palliative Care Program
  • Diabetes Education
  • Community Paramedicine
  • Home Response Team
  • Integrated Pharmacist
  • Workplace Health

We believe our commitment to innovative programs like these will ensure better lifelong health for our patients and the entire central Ohio community.

Social Workers

Our social workers provide assessments and address behavioral health issues found to drive patients’ chronic conditions and decrease ED utilization.

Care Managers

A team of dedicated social workers who address mental health, substance abuse and social influences of health. This includes health behaviors that contribute to their chronic medical condition, life stressors and crises, stress-related physical symptoms, and ineffective patterns of health care utilization

Community-Based Palliative Care Program

A team of trained specialists that focus on relieving pain, symptoms and the stress of advanced serious illnesses. They will assist the patient and their family in establishing the goals of their care, completing advance directives, and identifying community resources and spiritual support.

Diabetes Education

The cornerstone of better blood sugar control is educating the patient to better control the disease. Our educators have a proven record for lowering participant’s blood sugar and A1C levels after attending our comprehensive class series.

Home Response Team

A patient can receive care in the comfort of home when appropriate. Home Response is a team of RNs and other care providers that can be quickly dispatched to a patient’s home to both triage and provide high-quality, convenient care.

Home Response Care Intervention Examples:

  • Triage
  • Wound care
  • Breathing treatments
  • IV fluids
  • Falls injury assessment

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Integrated Pharmacist

Dedicated pharmacists at each acute care site to provide bedside patient counselling, perform a discharge and medication adherence review, connect them with additional resources, and answer any medication related questions after they have returned home. The pharmacists collaborate with inpatient & community-based providers to ensure optimal medication treatment plans throughout the continuum of care.

Community Paramedicine

A patient can receive care in the comfort of home when appropriate. Community Paramedicine is a trained paramedic that can be dispatched to a patient’s home to both triage and provide high quality, convenient care.

Community Paramedicine care intervention examples:

  • triage
  • medication review
  • home safety evaluation
  • IV fluids
  • breathing treatments
  • disease management