Prevention & Wellness

In collaboration with our care management programs, we also focus on wellness prevention. We're working to keep people healthy and out of the hospital and providing exceptional care and better outcomes when they do get sick.

Healthy Living & Wellness Programs

Mount Carmel offers programs to local communities that help teach healthy living and wellness. Our quarterly Healthier You magazine features upcoming classes, events and screenings. Other programs bring together a variety of health, educational and support resources to engage and teach the community. The goal is to prevent and manage chronic conditions and encourage healthier lifestyle habits including fitness classes, cooking demonstrations and screenings.

Health Coaches

Up to 85% of avoidable healthcare costs and most disability costs are due to health behaviors. That's why Mount Carmel Health Partners has put together a team of health coaches. Our health coaches help guide patients in setting their own goals, reinforcing healthy behaviors that reduce risk factors and improve quality of life. This level of interaction with members often results in optimal healthcare outcomes and promotes the concept of shared accountability for patients' healthcare and lifestyle choices.