Mount Carmel Health Partners Administration

Daniel Wendorff, MD
President and Medical Director
Dr. Wendorff has served as Medical Director since September 2009 and as President since October 2013. He was instrumental in the development of the organization’s clinical integration strategy and quality programs, and actively participates in many of our clinical committees. Dr. Wendorff is Board-Certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and practiced as a primary care physician in Grove City.

Tricia Wise
Director of Population Health
As the Director of Population Health, Tricia is responsible for oversight of daily program activities and providing leadership to RNs, healthcare specialists, and other healthcare professionals to assure effective care management. She also develops, implements, and manages care management plans and all related activities to ensure program goals are met. Previously, Tricia managed the Heart Failure & Structural Heart Services for Mount Carmel Health System and was instrumental in the implementation of the Pulmonary Hypertension Clinic. She has 22 years of nursing of experience and attended Mount Carmel College of Nursing.

Lyn Flanagan
Vice President of Managed Care, Mount Carmel Health System
Lyn Flanagan is the Vice President of Managed Care for Mount Carmel Health System. She leads the system-wide payer, product, and payment innovation strategy and oversees business relationships with health plans. Previously, Lyn served as VP of Network Management at UnitedHealthcare and The Physicians Assurance Corporation. She also served as the Executive Director, Managed Care and Central Billing Office at MaternOhio Management Services. Lyn began her career as an operating room nurse, specializing in open heart and general surgery. She received her Diploma in Nursing and Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Mount Carmel. Lyn is committed to supporting programs which further enhance quality, better health and better care at lower costs in collaboration with Mount Carmel Health Partners.

Board of Directors:

Scott Hirth, MD

Bryan Ghiloni, MD

Eric Drobny, MD

Kristen Slam, MD

Alan Murnane, MD

Thomas Brady, MD

Mark Ricaurte, MD

Keith Blakely, MD

Health Partners Committees

Credentialing Committee

The Health Partners Credentialing Committee is charged with developing credentialing policies and procedures based on National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) guidelines. In addition, the committee reviews physician applications for Health Partners initial appointment and reappointment. The committee is also responsible for the ongoing monitoring of member physicians and making recommendations to the Board of Directors with respect to the termination or continuation of a physician's membership.

2021 Credentialing Committee Members
Elena Christofides, MD, Chair Daniel Wendorff, MD
Jennifer Hunnicutt, MD Mark Buddie, MD
Matthew Cook, MD Bruce Hennesy, MD

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors to nominate candidates to fill physician committee positions. On an annual basis, the committee nominates candidates to be on the annual ballot to fill physician positions on the Board of Directors as terms expire.

2021 Nominating Committee Members
Mark Ricuarte, MD, Chair Adam Weiser, MD
Alan Gora, MD Daniel Wendorff, MD, ex-officio
Deborah Woidtke, MD Matthew Cook, MD
Neil Richard, MD Richard Oberlander, DO

Quality and Clinical Integration Committee

The Quality and Clinical Integration Committee approves measures for the Health Partners Patient Registry, develops protocols, and reviews potential quality initiatives that will be part of the CI program.

2021 Quality and Clinical Integration Committee Members
Daniel Wendorff, MD, Co-Chair (ex-officio) Loren Leidheiser, DO Co-Chair (ex-officio)
Bhavesh Patel, MD Dennis Ruppel, MD
Greg Wise, MD Paul Grandinetti, MD
Paul Kaufman, MD

Quality Improvement Subcommittee

2021 Quality Improvement Subcommittee Members
Elena Christofides, MD, Chair Daniel Wendorff, MD
Matthew Cook, MD