Analytics & Insights

In light of Mount Carmel Health Partners' remarkable growth, investments in infrastructure and data analytics are key to our sustained success. To that end, we've made a number of investments in technology to support our members and to improve the quality and efficiency of care and promote an evidence-based, outcomes-driven approach to care.

  • CareEvolution — An internal intelligence tool that allows us to share clinical information for attribution, population utilization, risk score, high-risk patients, gaps-in-care reporting and trending in a secure, reliable and incremental manner. CareEvolution can also provide action-oriented care coordination documentation and alerts for incidents like new ED visits, new inpatient admissions, recent discharges and critical lab results.
  • Quality Connect — An internal tool that gives our clinically integrated the capability to track attribution by physician and practice, allowing physicians and practice administrative staff members to improve outcomes, satisfaction, productivity and compliance.
  • The McKesson Population Manager — An electronic tool that collects, analyzes and aggregates claims data from physicians, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies and other healthcare providers in order to manage populations, track individual patients and provide drill-down access to data on clinical events and lab results. McKesson Population Manager also has a unique embedded methodology to ensure that the appropriate physician intervenes with the correct action when needed. This dashboard can also create reports on a physician or population level that identifies patients due for screenings or other needed critical care.
  • Mount Carmel Provider Phone App — A secure, HIPAA-compliant mobile app (developed by a Mount Carmel Health Partners member physician) that allows users to send secure messages, including images, to other providers; makes referrals easy by allowing users to search for providers by name, specialty, group, or campus location; and gives users easy access to the Mount Carmel Health Partners Clinical Guidelines.
  • Crimson Market
  • Crimson Referral