Clinically Integrated Network Benefits

Hospitals and physicians are facing mounting pressure to change their care delivery models, moving from encounter-based care to population health management. To address these pressures, Mount Carmel Health Partners has fully implemented a Clinically Integrated Network that benefits everyone in the community. Here is a look at who stands to benefit from clinically integrated care and how each group may benefit:


  • Improved safety
  • Improved quality of health care
  • Better access to the latest proven techniques and treatments
  • Streamlined interactions with the health care system - reduced waiting and less duplication of services
  • Fully informed providers and medical staff


  • Ability to spend more time with patients, less time with paperwork
  • Access to complete patient information
  • Ability to deliver higher quality care
  • Ability to monitor patient compliance
  • Ability to sell combined services of network to payors, making independent practice more viable, especially for small practices


  • Higher degree of effective collaboration
  • Improved clinical quality and patient safety
  • Ability to manage costs
  • Differentiation in the market as a high-quality provider


  • Higher subscriber satisfaction
  • Cost efficiencies and savings
  • Higher quality health care for subscribers
  • Easy access to objective utilization data


  • Containment of health care costs
  • Healthier employees


  • Ability to maintain independent provider practices
  • Better health care
  • Ability to recruit medical talent to area