Practice Transformation Opportunity with Anthem

Mount Carmel Health Partners has partnered with Anthem on an initiative to assist primary care practices improve work flows for annual wellness visits, close gaps in care and appropriately document and code the patients' burden of illness. Anthem provides the practice with data that highlights opportunities and works with the practice to identify a multidisciplinary team to drive practice redesign. A dedicated Anthem Care Consultant will be assigned to the practice to process map current work flows and identify potential interventions for the practice to implement. A coder will also be assigned to the practice to review documentation and provide improvement opportunities and trends. In addition, Anthem will provide a variety of tools and resources related to annual visits, gaps in care, care management and pharmacy for the practice to utilize.

If your practice is interested in participating in this free resource, contact Kelley Compson at 614-546-4769 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.