A Note from Dr. Daniel Wendorff

Sometimes it feels like the only certainty in Health Care Reform is uncertainty.

Thinking back to when we formed our Clinically Integrated Network, prior to Obamacare, we noted that we were not sure what the future of health care in our country was but that we were sure that no matter how things worked out, if we concentrated on providing high quality, reasonably priced care to our patients, we would likely be in good shape. As it turned out, we were right. We have seen the passage of Obamacare, the institution of multiple Accountable Care Organizations and Alternative payment models over the years. In each case we have been ready and waiting to be successful due to our, and your, continuous concentration on quality of care.

Now we find ourselves once again in a time of uncertainty. Recent attempts to repeal and replace Obamacare have added uncertainty on top of uncertainty. However, the continued emphasis on patient care quality will once again, I am sure, provide us with a solid foundation upon which to build new models of success.

In no way am I saying that we should just bury our heads in the sand, ignore what is going on and just provide good quality care. Mount Carmel Health Partners is unceasingly observing the processes and programs being discussed and instituted so that we can provide the best advice and assistance to our member providers. We are advocating for programs that provide our patients with the resources and quality care they need. We are partnering with like thinking groups to ensure that our providers are at the forefront of the most appropriate programs. We continue to be the innovators. We put the patient first and foremost and so are a voice that is listened to.

Our goal is, has been and will remain to be, to provide all patients whose care is entrusted to us with a people centered approach to health care and to provide our member providers with the resources and information needed to provide that care.

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