A Note from Dr. Daniel Wendorff

Use of ER Intercepts Helps Establish Most Appropriate Place of Care

Providing the right care at the right time in the right place is a hallmark of appropriate population management. One of the many ways Mount Carmel is working achieve this goal is through our ER Intercept Program. The program, which was piloted at Mount Carmel West, provides a process by which a patient who many require more care support than can be provided at home, but not necessarily hospital-level care, can have appropriate supplemental care services arranged for them.

"It is frustrating to have to admit a patient who doesn't truly need hospital-level care," said Loren Leidheiser, DO, an ER physician with Emergency Service, Inc. "A patient is brought in by their family after a fall or a minor mishap but the family has no ability to care for the patient at home. Depending on the time of day, it is often not possible to establish home or nursing home services, so the only safe disposition is an admission."

The Mount Carmel West program, which is slated to expand to a broader population in the near future, includes a physician or nurse practitioner who partners with the ER physician to decide on the best level of care for patients who qualify for the program. The program staff then arranges for rapid response home health care, emergent skilled nursing home care, close follow-up with the patient's PCP or, if truly needed, assists with admission to hospital. The program also includes a dedicated transport system and follow-up services by care managers.

The ER Intercept Program is just one way the Mount Carmel and our network of Clinically Integrated Providers are moving toward a future where medical care is provided and reimbursed in a person-centered and value-driven way.

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