Improving Quality and Delivering Value Through Accountable Care

Compared to the central Ohio market, healthcare costs for Mount Carmel Health Partners-attributed patients are significantly lower and continue to trend favorably. That fact is due in large part to accountable care — the payment and care delivery model that ties reimbursements to quality and cost reduction.

As a value leader, we’ve established innovative accountable care programs covering the spectrum of payors and more than 200,000 covered lives.

To achieve the cost and quality improvements we’ve seen, Health Partners provides access to a patient registry portal and evidence-based care guidelines which support and strengthen our focus on quality. And due to the integration of primary care, specialty care, acute and post-acute care, urgent care, wellness promotion, and condition-specific education, our ACOs enjoy a full range of services. We also offer and support data analytics resources that identify patient-level gaps in care, utilization trends, cost-efficiency opportunities, compliance with in-network utilization, patient risk stratification, and other metrics.

We’ve seen the benefits, too. Both process (e.g., provide recommended screenings) and health outcomes have improved, as has the balance of quality, efficiency, and patient experience. We have more information about the quality of care being purchased by employers through report cards, dashboards, gaps in care reports, and other measurement tools. And through an enhanced incentive structure our member providers are seeing the financial impact of our quality and cost improvements.

Mount Carmel Health Partners Quality and Utilization Trends

Mount Carmel Health Partners has the demonstrated ability to achieve quality improvements and favorable utilization by providing the right care, at the right time, in the most appropriate setting.

Mount Carmel Health Partners is improving quality and delivering value through accountable care.